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Hà Nội to pilot e-bike sharing scheme

HÀ NỘI — An electric bike-sharing system will be piloted in the capital city's Hoàn Kiếm District.

Hà Nội to pilot e-bike sharing scheme

The move came after the capital People’s Co妹妹ittee approved on Tuesday the proposal by the city’s Planning and Investment Department on the e-bike sharing scheme.

The model aims to make it easier for people to use public vehicles to get to offices, schools, hospitals and shopping centres, according to the department.

The department was told to work with the Transport Department to research and determine an appropriate location to run the system.

The location should be outside the pedestrian streets and able to connect to public transport, office buildings, and trade centres, the co妹妹ittee said.

The e-bikes must be designed with the city’s logo.

Relevant agencies were assigned to disseminate information on the system to city-dwellers. Regulations on the use of the e-bike scheme will be given to people, the co妹妹ittee said.

Hà Nội to pilot e-bike sharing scheme

The system has been applied in many countries, including Singapore and South Korea. The e-bike rental service provider will collect the e-bikes at a parking lot, then manage them through a software application. The user will make a rental order and pay on a smartphone app.

The capital city is developing a public transport system, which aims to serve the needs of  三0 to  三 五 per cent of citizens in the inner city and  一 五 per cent of citizens in satellite cities.

A report from the Ministry of Transport’s Transport Development and Strategy Institute showed that the city now has about  五. 五 million motorbikes and nearly  五00,000 cars. — VNS


Hà Nội to pilot e-bike sharing scheme